Distributed by YakGear, DeckMat creates safe surfaces for your kayak or decking while DeckMat Cooler Pads transform coolers to meet your needs. DeckMat Cooler Pads Showcase your personal style the next time you use your cooler on your favorite outdoor adventure with a DeckMat Cooler Pad. Designed to fit YETI coolers and other roto-molded cooler brands, the pad's ultra-high quality EVA foam and easy peel-and-stick application lets you adhere them virtually anywhere. At 6 millimeters thick, it also makes for a great seat cushion. Featuring multiple sizes and three different colors " hunter camo/black, slate gray and urban camo " DeckMat Cooler Pads give outdoor enthusiasts a padded surface for sitting or standing. DeckMat DeckMat sheets come in three different bulk sizes and nine different color patterns to use for your kayak or for your next DIY project. These sheets provide additional safety with non-slip surfaces you can apply almost anywhere on your kayak. Also, the sheets are great for swim platforms, helm areas, complete cockpits, accent areas such as under gunwales, inside storage lockers or as step pads entering the boat. Installation is quick and easy for both DeckMat products carried by YakGear. You can apply your DeckMat Cooler Pad and DeckMat to most surfaces " smooth or non-skid fiberglass, aluminum or steel surfaces, painted or sealed wood and plastic.
February 24, 2017 — designatwork
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