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Underrated Kayak Modifications for Less Clutter While Kayak Fishing

Underrated Kayak Modifications for Less Clutter While Kayak Fishing

Kayak fishing as a sport is meant to be simple, unintrusive, and a whole lot of fun. Although anglers are known for sometimes bringing an over-the-top amount of gear when embarking on their fishing trip. There are simple solutions for kayak anglers to bring a little more gear while cutting the clutter and staying organized.

Man transporting kayak with C-Tug Kayak Cart

YakGear YakSack 

Only want to bring out a few baits or need a place to store your pliers, scissors or other fishing tools? The YakGear YakSack can be an easy addition to the kayak to store necessities. Installation is easy and works perfect for kayaks with a track system or kayaks with rails, YakGear offers different forms of attachments included with the YakSack. This is a great item for kayak anglers to lose less items and leave less crucial items sliding around the floor of the kayak. 

This bag is waterproof, allowing a great and secure option to lock away your phone while fishing. Has four exterior pockets (two on each side) that measures 16-inches wide and 6-inches tall with a 1-inch depth when the inside pocket is full. From beginner to expert, this comes in handy for all anglers. 


YakGear YakSack


YakGear Angler Crate – Square

Anglers like to bring options, because you never know what the conditions may throw your way. Many anglers go by the saying of “I would rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it”, therefore typically carrying fishing gear than actually need. Instead of cluttering the kayak, anglers can utilize the YakGear Angler Crate that allows for simple and organized tackle storage. From storing tackle boxes, bags of plastics, or other fishing accessories, it keeps all the angler’s gear in one spot and is capable of being strapped down for added security. 

This angler crate is a great storage solution for anglers and is 13-inches by 13-inches, a standard design compatible for rigging any YakGear crate accessories. 

YakGear Kayak Crate and Rod Holders




Whether an angler is paddling or pedaling, rigging up a rod, or simply having a place to keep their rod – the RAILBLAZA Rod Holder R allows anglers to keep their rod secure and away from their internal kayak space, making retying or handling a fish in the kayak much easier. The last thing an angler needs is to be laying their kayak down and risk breaking it or getting it tangled up and creating a bigger mess. 

The Rod Holder R is compatible with any RAILBLAZA gear track mount or RAILBLAZA StarPort base for easy plug and play.

RailBlaza Rod Holder II

Kayak fishing is intended to be very simple but anglers have a way of always wanting to bring more. In a way that is why kayak fishing is so DIY (do it yourself) and to support that, there are many more accessories from YakGear and RAILBLAZA to support the angler looking for more and easier storage.

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