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Skye's the Limit: Kayak Fishing Life with YakGear Brand Ambassador Skye Burkhardt

Skye's the Limit: Kayak Fishing Life with YakGear Brand Ambassador Skye Burkhardt

YakGear Brand Ambassador, Skye Burkhardt, speaks on how she is able to be a great mother to her children, a loving wife, a business owner, a featured writer, and still have time to get on the water and catch fish.
"Wife, mother, angler, boss, and published writer, Yes I am sure I make it look easy!  The key to making it all happen and being successful at the same time is balance.
The most important part of my life is my family and children. They personally give me the push to be the best I can be and are very supportive of my passion for fishing. My husband and I are owners of Kats Tree Service, so there's all the behind-the-scenes logistics like advertising, repairs, and estimates we deal with. I love my household duties as a mother and wife such as cleaning and cooking. At times we all pitch in the kitchen and cook together makes for a fun family night.  I make time for arts and crafts, painting or jump/dance offs on the trampoline after school. We try to do as many outdoor activities as a family, making little time for electronics and tv. We have to buckle down and take care of business too, so we can continue to give our children a good life."
holding a fish
"My husband and I are both very goal oriented and agree that if we are going to earn a living, we should earn it doing what we are passionate about. Kats Tree Service has been a great success this last year and I am working on opening "Inshore Adventures With Skye" guided tours in Mosquito Lagoon. We give a little and take a little helping, sharing and making each other's dreams happen! We both grew up in the "tree life" and as passionate anglers. We have a great understanding of one another which is why we make such a great team and are successful at what we do together and just doing what we do on a daily basis."
kayak fisher celebrates fishing
"I do live a busy lifestyle and have to make time for everything work, family, FISHING, my fishing reports and staying on top of the fish so that I stay consistent! We always take the weekends off. Me with fishing and Kat with the tree service, it gives us a break and I personally don't fish weekends due to the crowds. We spend our weekends relaxing and taking the kids out and doing family activities. On occasion, we spend a weekend kid-free allowing Hunter and Star to have family time and our date nights and alone time. During the week Kat is climbing trees and I am out scouting the lagoon. Not every trip to the lagoon is to fish, although it is hard not to wet a line, being that I am obsessed with landing Redfish. There are those days I just scout and become one with the lagoon sighting fish, following them and finding out where the fish are at taking notes every trip so I am able to give you, the readers, an accurate inshore fishing report. These reports are for Coastal Angler Magazine, Florida Fisherman Magazine and Fluid Magazine."
kayak fisher standing up
"With that being said I have a crazy busy lifestyle but it is fun and successful and we have learned to BALANCE it all out keeping everyone happy!  So yes the key to a healthy home, happy children, successful business and me being able to fish daily is working together having a family/team to back you up and to support one another." -Skye Burkhardt

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