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Professor Salt Yak Gear Brand Ambassador

Yak Gear Brand Ambassador Glenn Madden is one of the newest Brand Ambassadors to join the team in 2014.  With a DIY mentality and a little to no fear of nature, Glenn – also known as Professor Salt – gets himself into some awesome situations for any sportsman.  With hobbies like offshore kayak fishing and bow hunting, Glenn is definitely not your average college professor from Corpus Christi, TX.

Kayak Fishing Videos

Take the video above (“July 5th Riding Dirty”) for example.  His Santa Cruz Kayak got a heavy coat of slime as King after King fell victim to his baits.  Thirteen Kings, some Bonita and a few Spanish Mackerel all came aboard, and most were sent swimming. He also had a massive shark turn away from a King beside the kayak just before it could have been REALLY ugly!

“The shark looked longer than his kayak and definitely had more girth than my beloved piece of plastic.  I sure wish I could lose this shark magnet that seems to ride with me!!”

To keep the “shark magnet” theme going, this next video features Glenn on a quick afternoon trip to look for Cobia. Well, the Cobia weren’t playing, but sharks were! With the sloppy conditions, he had to run the five miles solo, but that was fine by him. He was just glad to be back on the open water listening the line drag from his kayak!

About Professor Salt

We know what you are thinking! “Hey Professor! Who are you?”

Glenn’s answer: I’m a family man and an outdoorsman.  I don’t live in fear of nature, but rather look for chances to enjoy the woods and paddling offshore. I eat what I kill (or share it with others) and work to be a responsible steward of the resources I can access. Most of my videos are of offshore kayaking adventures, with some how-to videos thrown in (mostly to address questions from others), hunting related things, and a few “odds and ends” videos of other things thrown in for good measure. Enjoy!  You can check out all of my videos on my YouTube Channel!

Want to go kayak fishing with Professor Salt? Are you interested in learning some of his DIY kayak fishing rigs? Tell us what you think! Comment below, reach out to us at or find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram using the #YakGear hashtag!