RAILBLAZA Rotating Platform

By YakGear

As the little brother to the RAILBLAZA Three Axis Platform, the RAILBLAZA Rotating Platform is slightly less versatile but equally effective.  As the ideal mount for devices that require less flexibility, like GPS devices and depth finders, the Rotating Platform holds the device in place and also can be turned a full 360 degrees. Made from a combination of high-quality UV proof engineering plastics and UV proof HDPE, the platform can be used as a flat surface to make many items StarPort compatible.  Once you have finished using the platform it can be removed and the StarPort can be retasked for another application. The Rotating Platform fits in any of the RAILBLAZA bases. No hardware is needed for accessory installation because the RAILBLAZA port based system is not included.  **All RAILBLAZA accessories fit the different RAILBLAZA port based systems. Base not included. WARNING
  • Rotating Platform holds GPS devices and depth finders in place
  • Rotates a full 360 degrees
  • Made from UV proof plastics
  • Base not included