RAILBLAZA Dive & Gas Bottle Holder

By YakGear

The RAILBLAZA Dive & Gas Bottle Holder is a strong and versatile solution for holding various sizes bottles and cans. From LPG & propane bottles to scuba dive bottles and gas and water cans, the Dive & Gas Bottle Holder will safely secure them all in place. The RAILBLAZA Dive & Gas Bottle Holder can be permanently mounted using fastenings supplied or made removable using our StarPort mounting system. Designed and made in New Zealand from materials suitable to the harsh marine environment, this fully adjustable bottle holder will help you tidy up your cockpit, keep your scuba gear safely out of the way, and is installed in minutes. It features a plastic buckle for quick and easy operation and a fully adjustable strap for different bottle diameters.   As always, this complete kit comes with all stainless steel installation hardware, installation instructions, and rigging tips from RAILBLAZA.  Waterproof silicone recommended but not included.  WARNING
  • Holds various sizes bottles and cans including propane bottles, scuba dive bottles, gas and water cans
  • Can be permanently mounted with fastenings or made removable with the addition of any StarPort base
  • Complete with all hardware and rigging instructions
  • Base not included