YakGear Ambush Camo Kayak Cover and Hunting Blind

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New improvements:
  • Semi framed door for more rigidity
  • Grab handles inside the door for easy closing
  • Additional cinch straps on the side to help achieve a better contour fit on smaller boats
  • Additional vegetation loops for better ability to add more natural cover
  • A strap that runs under the bow and one that runs under the stern of the boat for a more snug fit
Transform your kayak into a hunting machine with the YakGear Ambush Camo Kayak Cover & Hunting Blind. The drawstrings at either end make this a universal fit on 12′ to 14′ kayaks and canoes. This camo cover uses two flaps in the middle, connected by Velcro, to conceal the hunter until he is ready to fire.  Lay down and wait for your shot, then sit up and you’re ready to fire. Made of rip-stop material, tears should not be a problem if you run into any thick brush.  Also included is an over-sized Velcro flap in the back of the blind for access to the rear storage area.  Boat handles are accessible at the front and back through slits that are pre-cut into the cover. You can also add your own brush on the cover using the pre-sewn vegetation webbing straps. Included stow bag for easy transport.
  • Camo cover for kayaks and canoes 12 feet to 14 feet long and up to 38 inches wide. Shorter kayaks will have more material pulled under when secure.
  • RealTree Max5 camo pattern
  • Made of rip-stop material to prevent tears
  • 2 concealment flaps to hide the hunter before the shot is taken
  • Rear flap to allow access to storage
  • Bow and Stern rope drawstring allows you to pull the front and back tight to hold against gunwales
  • Designed to be used as a shooters blind once at the appropriate location but can also be used when paddling or peddling short distances
  • Pre-sewn vegetation straps easily allow for brush to be added on
  • Includes stow bag for easy transport
  • It is not recommend to paddle long distances with your Ambush Cover on, but using it to retrieve downed ducks works great

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Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 28 × 13 × 10 in

3 reviews for YakGear Ambush Camo Kayak Cover and Hunting Blind

  1. asendorfryan

    I was scared to pull the trigger but finally caved and I’m glad I did. Set it up on my old town discover 119 sportsman and it fits MINT

  2. Philip Boyles

    Highlights, the blind fits well on my Ascend H12 and has a sufficient amount of stubble straps to put camo on top. It is also light weight which is awesome.
    Low lights and my reasons for rating so low. The doors are WAY to big, yet one door alone leave a gapping hole where no raffia or local vegetation can be added for camo. The straps which are essential to keeping the blind taught and useable are simply crap. I have had one tear off after the first hunt. The blind material itself is too thin to hold the stitching, it at least needs a second layer at the sewing point. The straps should be one strap that goes completely around the kayak and is sewn in place all the way across the blind. Those doors though, wow they are huge and in the way for everything.
    This blind has potential and I hope my sewing job to reattach the strap holds up, cause it was a real pain. Sorry to be so negative, but it needs work.

  3. jacob.c.baldwin

    I bought this blind at the sale price of $189.99 and I am happy with it. At this price point it was marginally cheaper than the cabelas/bass pro kayak blind. Huge draw was it’s availability in 2021! I used this to hunt waterfowl out of a nucanoe unlimited 2021 edition. This kayak is 12’6” long and 41” wide. I paddle this kayak or I use the eps propulsion system with the blind on. When I paddle I take the doors off.

    I am extremely happy with my purchase. But I think that’s mainly due to the sub $200 price point I bought it at. There are a lot of “sizing” and “fit” features on this blind that I think could improved, but they aren’t deal breakers. For example it would be nice if the cinch straps located at mid length were farther apart to allow for more take up of the extra lengths. Also this models doors are better (they don’t curl anymore) but they are still too big in my opinion. Each door could lose about 5” of width. On this model “even on an extremely wide kayak” the doors fully overlap each other when closed and until I made a pvc pipe Frame, they would fall in the water. Also stitching on the cinch straps that run under the kayak could be better I tore one off on the first outing just getting into my boat.

    I’ve seen a lot of negative reviews regarding the white backing material on this blind, but if your a true duck hunter it shouldn’t take more than one or two hunts before it’s properly discolored and it can easily be mudded in. So if it’s cheaper to use white I say keep it that way. Nothing that mud and paint won’t fix on the customers end.

    My final thoughts on this blind is as follows. It’s a jack of all trades but a master of none. Meaning its made to accommodate many kayaks/canoes between 12-14 feet. So it will not be perfect for anyone, And that’s fine. If you are a DIY person and are thinking about making a blind for your kayak/canoe out of burlap or netting then this is a great option. Just know that you will probably need to diy some type of “frame” for a sit on kayak.

    I give this product 4 stars because the stitching and fit features could be better. But it is 100x better that the burlap, garden netting, or cami tarp I attempted to use prior to this.

    I wish I could add pictures but currently I can’t figure out how.

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