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Storage of a wide range of watercrafts including SUPs, canoes, windsurfers and kayaks just got quicker and easier with the RAILBLAZA Wall Sling. The W... Read More

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Storage of a wide range of watercrafts including SUPs, canoes, windsurfers and kayaks just got quicker and easier with the RAILBLAZA Wall Sling. The Wall Sling will free up space in your garage, shed or yard by allowing you to hang your boat on the wall. You can hang it outside on one pair of StarPorts to wash down, and then easily transfer it to another pair of StarPorts inside to keep it warm and dry! If you want to use your sling at another location like your holiday home it’s as cheap and easy as fitting two more StarPorts. Installed in minutes and supplied with StarPorts, slings, adjustment buckles and screws; the RAILBLAZA StarPort Wall Sling is great value for money WARNING

  • 2 surface mount adapter rings
  • 2 weather-tight gasket/covers
  • 4 12-gauge x 65mm galvanized self-tapping screws

NOTE: StarPort Wall Slings will carry up to 65kg (120lb) spread across the 2 slings


Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 9.5 × 6.5 × 2 in

3 reviews for RAILBLAZA Wall Sling

  1. Swarley

    I have a small one car garage; this works for me. I can pull my car in now with the kayak inside.

  2. Steve

    A good idea but I needed some tweaks to the system. Used it to hang a Frontier 12 Nucanoe on my garage wall. The instructions for threading the straps through the clips are nonexistent. You need to watch the product video to figure that out. Otherwise they will slip on you every time and your yak will come crashing down.
    The Frontier 12 is a big yak with a 41” width and the straps are barely long enough, let alone long enough to work as designed. Will go to Lowe’s and get some longer ones which defeats the whole idea and adds to my cost.
    If you have a smaller, narrow and lighter kayak or a paddle board this system I can see how this system would work great. Just didn’t work for my boat.

  3. Myles Bragman

    We apologize the wall sling did not work for your needs. Please feel free to call anytime and we would be more than happy to assist.

  4. Bob Cook

    Arrived as expected. Installed easily and kayak hung in short time. I would say the instruction videos could be improved. Threading the buckles should be done in slow motion. This installation is super easy but watching the videos seemed to make it more difficult. I suggest a start to finish video from opening the pack, prepping the straps / buckles to installing the star mounts emphasizing orientation, screwing to wall with and without spacer and clearly why or why not the spacer would be used and then hanging the kayak. I am an engineer so it was no problem but not everyone has a mind that can fill in the gaps. One point of confusion was the spacers had 4 holes so upon first look I thought I was shorted screws but then I saw that only two screws were used through the star mounts that also go through two of the four holes on the spacers. So why four holes on the spacer? Just an observation. But overall a first class product by design, by quality and by ease of use. Hope this helps improve the instructions as well as encourages other potential buyers/users! Have fun!!

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