YakGear Deluxe Anchor Trolley with Pulleys

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The Deluxe Anchor Trolley will help you stop being a victim of changing winds and currents while fishing in the anchored position. The YakGear Deluxe ... Read More

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The Deluxe Anchor Trolley will help you stop being a victim of changing winds and currents while fishing in the anchored position. The YakGear Deluxe Anchor Trolley Kit allows deployment of any anchor, drift chute, or stake out pole before judging the current and wind while still remaining in a favorable fishing position. Without a trolley you are limited to anchoring to where you can reach, causing your boat to swing back and forth. Mounted just off of one gunwale of any kayak or canoe, the deluxe trolley kit uses a nylon pulley system to select a desirable position anywhere from bow to stern, then maintains the positioning through the use of a 2-5/16 inch mini zig zag cleat. The deluxe system uses Harken pulleys to seamlessly pass trolley rope from bow to stern, without the standard rubbing of rope along slightly less smooth pad eyes. The mounted pulleys are raised off of the boat enough to eliminate any unnecessary rubbing or scratching of the boat.  As always, this complete kit comes with all stainless steel installation hardware, installation instructions, and rigging tips from YakGear. Waterproof silicone and anchor recommended, but not included. WARNING

  • Deluxe anchor trolley system with Harken pulleys
  • Allows the bow of your vessel to turn into the current for a smoother experience
  • Mini zig zag cleat included assisting in maintaining stable positioning
  • Installation instructions and hardware included
  • Kit also includes 30′ of rope

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 9 × 6 in

69 reviews for YakGear Deluxe Anchor Trolley with Pulleys

  1. Steve

    I just picked up this kit and it works great. Very high quality parts and pulleys and easy to install with included hardware.

  2. Juan V.

    I have installed this kit on both of my kayaks, it is a must have when using your anchor pole! This kit has the Harken pulley, which are some of the best you can buy for rigging your kayak!

  3. Jeff

    This must have pulley system works great with anchor poles, drag socks and anchors. It was easy to instal ltoo!

  4. Brandon

    Installed on a new Stealth 14. Installation was very easy and the addition of the Harken pulleys makes this the best trolley system I have found on the market.

  5. Mike M

    I installed this kit on my Old Town Predator 13 for use with a Yak Gear Mud Stick, anchor of brush clamp. It was completely installed in about 45 minutes after watching the You Tube clip. It works great in current and wind conditions. I use it to hold me in place while fish in one direction, then move the trolley to the opposite end to fish the other direction. I clamp off to stumps in shallow ponds a lot. The trolley makes my day when working jigs in shallow water conditions with current.

  6. Randy

    The kit arrived as advertised and on time. It was very easy to install. I hate to drill holes in a boat, but the required placement and drill, along with sealant, allowed the installation to go very quickly. Nice package!

  7. Matt Camps

    Won it in a tournament and ended up buyin 3 more for the rest of my fleet of kayaks. Who knew it was such a good quality product for pretty dern cheap…

  8. Anthony Rends

    This anchor movement trolley has the best pulleys, that’s why I got it! I also use it for kayak anchoring with my grapnel anchor from Yak Gear.

  9. Andrew Helton

    The anchor trolley has the best instructions I have seen. I am a beginner at "kayak rigging" and I had no problem at all installing it because of the included instructions buddied up with a great YouTube video walking me through the whole process. Now I feel like an advanced kayak angler with this kayak anchor trolley!!!

  10. Mark Travis

    Great product just installed on my new Kayak. I found out about the Anchor Trolley on You Tube, and used it for a great visual installation video.

  11. Richard

    This is just an awesome kit, complete, simple and very efficient. Installation was a breeze, I followed a video on you tube installing it and it turned out perfect.

  12. Randy Rojas

    Works great. Got rid of the trolley that came stock on my kayak for this one. Well worth it.

  13. Warren Vandergriff

    The trolley kit was very easy to install and works great. Yak gear had excellent customer service! I actually was missing one item from my order when it arrived. I sent an email to customer service at 10pm and by the next morning I already had a response with a tracking number where the missing item was shipped. It was an honest mistake but yak gear was very quick to make it right! They have earned a customer for life!

  14. frank kelly

    Great product design and works as stated, was an easy install as well.

  15. Eric

    Kit was a piece of cake to install with the step by step youtube video. Works great for controlling your fishing angle. I was a little hesitant about drilling into the kayak, but the hull was still dry after 4 hours on the water. Couldn’t be happier with this purchase.

  16. Joe

    The kit was simple to install. I had it done in less that an hour. Then I went out and tested it. I have some thinking to do to figure out what to do with the excess anchor line when I trolley it forward or aft. I have a 50 foot line and it is behind the seat.
    The other thing I really liked is it came a day earlier than expected.

  17. Aaron Justin

    The video online helped me install. It was an easy process. Plus, this is the trolley most of the pros in the kayak videos use. You can tell from the pulleys and the triangle loop…

  18. Corb L

    Solid trolley with awesome pulleys…not the junk others sell.

  19. Paul Lesson

    BEST IVE EVER USED. Bought three more for my fleet of fishing kayaks. Those stock trolleys are not as high quality.

  20. Jim J

    Installation was a breeze. Bought one for the wife’s kayak. Would recommend this to friends. In fact, I have.

  21. Ronald Edwards

    Very easy install. Highest quality and best price. Took it out last week on the lake to test and it works perfect. It was a windy February day here in sunny Florida and I could adjust the anchor with no problem. Going next week on a week long camping and fishing trip and I know I’ll be good to go with this.

  22. Leo Sanchez

    Best investment I made so for for my kayak! Yak Gear is the best! Fast and easy delivery. If you don’t have yak gear on your kayak then you don’t have the best!

  23. Carlos Nieves

    The parts are well made and works great for my Native watercraft slayer propel 13. Very simple to install, no need to look for instructional videos online, it came with easy to follow written instructions.very easy and simple to use, now i can have my kayak pointing at the right direction fast and tangle free.

  24. Jim G

    This was very easy to install. Everything was included for any scenario. I will definitely be buying another for my new kayak as well.

  25. Steve D

    Arrived in timely manner. Installed easily although I slowed down the process agonizing about having to drill holes in my kayak!
    Seems to be of good quality. Time will tell.

  26. Shawn Blunt

    Great kit that includes everything for a clean install. Most complete of any I have seen.

  27. Caleb B

    I ordered the deluxe anchor trolley from YAK GEAR works great well made and super easy to install… Shipping was fantastic super fast it arrived like a day or two later. Very impressed by there business I look forward to ordering more from them in the future. YAK ON!

  28. Marco

    Bought 2 anchor trolleys for my yaks. Easy install, super fast. Had some questions and contacted Mark via email. He was awesome! Very knowledgable and polite, and went out of his way to make me feel like they appreciate my business. Will be buying Yak Gear in the future for sure!

  29. m tomtas

    Great product. Easy install and great operation

  30. Melita Ganoe

    It’s THE FIRST item installed after purchase on any kayak we have ever owned (double digits). Highly recommend one on each side. Love the pulleys. The only modification I have made is that we use "O" rings instead of the triangular ring, it’s just personal preference. Must have!

  31. Melita Ganoe

    It’s THE FIRST item installed after purchase on any kayak we have ever owned (double digits). Highly recommend one on each side. Love the pulleys. The only modification I have made is that we use "O" rings instead of the triangular ring, it’s just personal preference. Must have!

  32. Justen

    Awesome quality product. Will definitely continue to shop here and recommend to friends.

  33. Jusyen

    Works like a dream, was hesitant as crap to drill into a predator 13 but afterwards im glad i did and im happy with the final product. Runs smoothly and looks good and sturdy also. Yak Gear has awesome customer service. Will recommend to friends for sure.

  34. Jeff Ashmann

    Not sure why i waited so long to add an anchor trolley. I guess i hated drilling into my Jackson Cuda 12. Long story short, the Deluxe Anchor Trolley kit was very easy to install. And using it is a game changer. I actually bought a second kit and have them on both sides of my boat. Now, it does not matter which way the wind blows, because I can always face the right way! Next purchase is going to be a stake out pole.

  35. Crews

    Works like a charm. Smooth and plenty enough hardware to fit which need beings inside access or not. Will recommend for sure

  36. B Lanier

    Purchased this kit for my new Ascend FS12T. Everything came as it should very quickly. Installation was a breeze and took no time at all. Perfect trolley for my needs. Quality is excellent.

  37. W Garrett

    I purchased an anchor trolley for each of my 3 kayaks and should have done this years ago. The trolley makes fishing much much better. The installation was not hard at all, just follow the directions and watched the you tube video. Highly recommend this trolley. Also, can’t forget the great service from Yak Gear, order was received promptly.

  38. Dave S.

    What a cool concept, and easy to install. It worked perfectly. Thanks, Yak Gear! Quick delivery.

  39. G Dood

    Great product. I saw it first on YouTube, and jury-rigged my own to see how it would work. After that, I ordered the official anchor trolley from YakGear and it works great. Easy installation and fast shipping too.

  40. Daniel

    I purchased the anchor trolley kit and I love it. Wouldn’t have a fishing kayak without one.i will be getting one for my canoe. Love I t

  41. Carl

    Easy to install with great instructional video on YouTube. Was delivered as promised to my hotel in Boston waiting for me upon arrival. Cant wait to try it out this weekend.

  42. Jonatan Vitor Lemos

    I bought this because the quality of the anchor trolley system that came with my kayak was very bad, these are winners.

  43. Mark S.

    Installed easily on my Jackson Big Tuna. A little terrifying to drill into my new kayak but the Youtube video installation is very helpful. I’m not super handy (rather be fishing) but this was easy.

  44. Jim J

    First trip in new yak was without trolley system. Stopped on a point where I knew there were fish; but conflicting tide and 12mph wind had me swinging all over the place. Received and installed deluxe anchor trolley kit; returned to same spot couple days later. Fish on!!!

    Can’t imagine floating without. Easy to install upon watching video; good quality; does the job. Highly recommend.

  45. Jim Jackson

    Great product; does the job; can’t imagine fishing without it. Video makes it easy to install; highly recommend.

  46. Mark

    New to kayaking. Had no idea how to install an anchor trolley or what it was. Just told I needed it. The instructions were not very clear for a novice. I YouTubed it and there was the person I had spoken to. Once I saw it, it was easy to install and it worked just as advertised. My first day on the water was very windy and the anchor trolley held me in the position I wanted to fish in. Very satisfied.

  47. Joe B

    Good product. Be careful with the pulleys. Until they are installed they can separate and the ball bearings can spill out. Too small to put back in. Happened to me, my mistake. I wrote the customer service number and they sent me a replacement for free. I am a customer for life. That kind of customer service is rare.

  48. DannyM

    Install was a piece of cake! Works just fine!

  49. Galen

    Great product. I am new to the kayak world. Drill a hole in my new kayak! Are you crazy? Ultimately, installing this product was a piece of cake. I will definitely be back for more accessories

  50. Rick

    Great product, easy to install per directions. Fast delivery. Works great. Would not hesitate to use company again.

  51. Brandon

    Installed on a new Stealth 14. Installation was very easy and the addition of the Harken pulleys makes this the best trolley system I have found on the market.

  52. Dana Gerth

    Great product. Great instructions. Easy to install and it works as advertised. I was surprised at how easy it is to use while in the kayak. Very good!

  53. Ted

    I installed the trolley in my FS128T to replace the factory set up. This is a much better design and works great. It is well worth the money and easy to install.

  54. patrick m

    I put one on each side of my kayak. works great and easy install



  56. Cliff Nagle

    Everything from start to finish was great. Very easy to order and fast delivery. Instructions provided were very clear, and made installation easy. Works great.

  57. Marty Hughes

    The ultimate tool to keeping your kayak anchored or attached to a stationary object. You can easily adjust your position and easy to install!

  58. Chris

    This does everything they said it would and was very easy to install. I did 2 kayaks in 30 minutes just follow the instructions to the letter!!

  59. Andrew

    Just returned from a weekend on the Snake River in Hagerman ID. The trolley system was a huge plus. Wind, current, didn’t matter, just adjusted the trolley and was fishing in the direction I wanted. Easy installation as well.

  60. Jason

    Love the system. Easy to install and easier to use..

  61. Aaron VonStein

    Awesome anchor system!!! Love these guys.

  62. Josh

    Nice product, only problem was it came with 2 sets of instructions and the items list on the instructions didn’t match items in the kit. Installed with what the kit came with anyway should be ok though. YouTube video helped with easier install.

  63. Jacob

    Quality baby

  64. Robert Williams

    Really like the anchor trolley by yakgear. After installing the first trolley I decided to put another on the other side.

  65. F. Perez

    Bought one first to see quality and how easy was or not to install and I was so pleased that i order a second one for my wife’s kayak and she loved it. I will definitely recommend it and if you can purchase the aluminum rivets and some clear silicone to use them where you can.

  66. Philip Johnson

    How you install this system depends on individual kayak. I fiddled with it using Velcro to custom fit , added some hardware ( couple of hooks) to dock para while not in use. Looks great a runs quietly.

  67. Mike Ponticelli

    This is a must have! Easy install and operation.

  68. Brandon Frank

    I purchased it in the winter so I haven’t actually used it yet but it came in a timely fashion the box wasn’t damaged and everything that was supposed to be there was there. So far so good, I just can’t wait to get on the water and use it.

  69. James Connally

    Works great and arrived early. Thanks yakgear.

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