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Fishing just got that much easier! The Backwater Assault Hand Paddle is perfect if you need to adjust the position of your boat or move just a few fee... Read More

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Fishing just got that much easier! The Backwater Assault Hand Paddle is perfect if you need to adjust the position of your boat or move just a few feet without releasing your rod. This is ideal for windy conditions so you can keep your vessel in the right direction. At just under 23 inches and weighing less than a pound, its portable size and weight make it a breeze to store on board. If you need to pull yourself to the dock or grab your line, the hook on the end of the Hand Paddle is incredibly convenient. The serrated edge is great for pushing off the shore or other solid surfaces you may come across. Designed with the angler in mind, the Assault Hand Paddle is an accessory you won’t want to leave the dock without. Made in the United States. Available in Olive Green or Hi-Viz Orange.  WARNING

  • Comes in Olive Green or Hi-Viz Orange
  • Can be used with one hand
  • Slim profile and lightweight design
  • Hook feature to grab your line or dock, serrated edge can be used to launch yourself off solid surfaces
  • Made of strong, fade resistant plastic
  • Made in the USA!

Available in Olive Green or Hi-Viz Orange. Please pick the correct color to suit your personal preference from the drop-down menu!

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 23 × 6 × 1.5 in


4 reviews for Backwater Assault Hand Paddle

  1. JD Williams

    This thing is awesome! In the Yak world you know learning to effectively fumble with multiple things at once is key. This helps with that in many ways. For example, you’re hooked up on a fish, the current is spinning you, you’re trying to hold your rod and keep the line tight. This paddle is light to grab with one hand while other is holding rod, and help you get back in line to your catch. Next instance, your line gets hooked on a mangrove root, and you just happen to be a hair too far to grab your line without going in the drink. You grab this paddle, and use hook end to grab line out. This thing is so versatile. I also use it to scrape barnacles for sheepshead chum, or grab a rope throw to pull it around pylon. If you’ve got a yak, you need this. Save yourself from many hassles, and at least make it appear you’re better than you are as a yak angler. Hope this helped someone make the decision to get one of these, and look forward to the thank you, and “man, you were so right. I needed this”.

  2. Darryl

    I’m a fan of sea kayaking, but am always getting harassed by this GD whales. Those just won’t leave me alone. I though I would gear up with a few of these Backwater Assault Hand Paddles to even up the score. I bought two to qualify for free shipping and handling and strapped them over my shoulder for an easy access QuickDraw should I run into those flippered farkers. Sure enough, an hour out and one of the real shady-looking ones is squeaking my ear off. I drew my Backwater Assault Hand Paddle at once and launched myself right at his blowhole. He was quick and I only grazed his ventral fin. He turned on me faster than a potato salad on the Fourth of July. For a minute, Satan’s Shamu had one of my arms in his pointy jaws and I thought not even my Backwater Assault Hand Paddle would be enough, but I tucked the pain deep down inside and used my free hand to draw my second Backwater Assault Hand Paddle. Thank the lord almighty I had purchased two, saving on shipping and handling costs.
    The water ran red from both our bodies, and mixed with the salty sea.
    I lived to write the tale, and I imagine he did too. But I bet that churlish cephalopod has learned some respect for the Backwater Assault Hand Paddle.

  3. IdahoBaird

    Now, I don’t have to screw around using my paddle slipping and sliding when I get blown into the banks. This little paddle is way easier to handle and gets the job done better. I also like the little hook it has for grabbing ropes etc. that get out of my reach.

  4. Chris

    I ordered one of these paddles and the first time out with it made me wonder how I had lived without it. So, I went back and ordered a second one. Most likely I will be ordering a third for a gift. These are a perfect stand in for small controlling movements where a full sized paddle is a pain.

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