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Yak Gear Brand Ambassador Miguel P from YakAngling updates us on fishing in NE Florida

With all of the tournaments and foul weather in the past 2 weeks, we have not been fully on the ball with sharing any posts or pictures from the previous weeks.  I’ll be very honest we have been in a bit of a funk.  The last tournaments for us have been nothing really to brag about and the weather has been even worse. How can I get out of this slump and start catching some fish?

To answer this, I turned to my favorite little kayak fishing buddy and my son Nicholas to help me out.

Junior Brand Ambassadors Nick P and Riley C showing off just how lucky they can be!

Junior Brand Ambassadors Nick P and Riley C showing off just how lucky they can be!

That’s when it hit me, maybe our sons Nick and Riley really are our good luck charms.  Seeing that every time they are with us we are able to make a really good post with great catches and tons of pictures.  With that being said, today was definitely on of those days where the good luck charm pays off.

We switched it up a bit and decided to go back to a spot we have neglected for the past month (top secret).  The tide was at the last of the outgoing at 6:00am when we launched.  This pleased us to see that we would have the begging of the incoming tide following us very shortly.

I picked up some new DOA Lures CAL Greenbacks that I have been meaning to try and a new AquaDream spoon in the all pearl color.  My mission was the hook up using both of these today.  Andrew, Nick and myself headed into the first mouth area of the flat hoping to hop on some reds on the incoming.  After about 30 minutes I hook up with a solid fat 23″ red (this one was on a live mullet).

Things are beginning to look up here until our favorite @#@$#%#! boaters come flying through the creek mouth as if we were not there.

At the time I was quite unhappy  but this gave us the idea to move to another hole that has worked for us in the past.  Man was this a good choice.

We set up to work the hole with the tide and after a few casts we start getting some solid hits but no hook ups yet.  Then it happened.

I get a nice bite on the DOA rigged weedless on a Slayer Inc Lure Company XXX hook, hand the pole to Nick and let him go to work.  I had no idea what was in store for my little buddy until I saw it.  I was in this position once before, so I had to take the helm here to make sure we landed this beast.  Let’s just say it was 25.5″ and it was not a red or a trout.

Nick P showing off his nice sized flounder

Nick P showing off his nice sized flounder

I will let the pics speak for themselves on this one.  We followed the day up with a few more reds and some trout to complete the slam!  It was an AWESOME day with my good friend Andrew and my little buddy Nick!!


What’s your “good luck charm” when it comes to kayak fishing?  How do your superstitions play into your kayak fishing technique?  We all have them! Tell us  at or find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram using the #YakGear hashtag!