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Installation Instructions for the Yak Gear Universal Drain Plug Kit


– Use waterproof silicone in any holes you drill during installation.

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REPLACING AN EXISTING DRAIN PLUG: There are two different styles of drain plug threading in the kayak industry: 1) wide thread and 2) fine thread. This kit contains one of each to best match your boat.

PLACEMENT OF A NEW DRAIN PLUG: Select a location along either the bow or the stern for installation. While most drain plugs are installed on the back (stern) of the boat, there are some other variables to consider when customizing your installation. When choosing, consider picking the heavier end of the boat, which will make the draining process easier because you will be lifting the lighter end.

INSTALLATION OF A NEW DRAIN PLUG: Drill a hole in the desired location with a 1 inch drill bit. Lay the drain plug flange, with the drain plug in it, into the hole you have just drilled. Push hard until the plug fits firmly. To assist the plug into the hole, using a small knife to carve out additional space may be necessary. Apply waterproof silicone to the deck of the boat and bottom of the plug when setting in place for installation. This prevents any unfavorable leaking.

Drill 1/8” pilot holes using the flange of the drain plug as a template. This will allow the self-tapping screw to easily screw into place. Then, screw the self-tapping screws through the drain plug holes to set your flange in place. Be sure to use waterproof silicone whenever you drill into your kayak.

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