How to Install a Kayak Taco Paddle Clip

Installation Instructions for the Yak Gear Taco Paddle Clip

Quick Tips:

1 – Do not use waterproof silicone in any holes you drill during installation. Waterproof silicone will cause the wellnuts to slip and, therefore, not tighten.

2 – To prevent cross threading, use soap on the threads of the screws.

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Placement: Carefully choose the placement of the paddle clip using the following criteria:

1) within an arm’s length from the paddling position and
2) out of harm’s way when loading and unloading the boat.

To best determine the placement, sit in the boat and assume the paddling position. Remember, a comfortable reach for your paddle is much further in your garage than it is out on the water.

Installation with Inside Access: Drill a 5/32 inch hole using the clip as your guide. Turn the screw through your clip and into your kayak. Put the wellnut on the inside of your kayak backwards and tighten the screw until tight. You can put the wellnut on with the small nut at the end, or you can put the wellnut on by turning it around and putting the nut side first. This will also cover the bare threads of the screws if they are protruding into your kayak or canoe.

Installation without Inside Access: To set wellnuts, drill a hole with a 3/8 inch drill bit at the desired position, using your clip as a guide. Slide the black wellnut into the hole and screw the screw through the clip into the threaded wellnut until totally tight. Do not use waterproof silicone when installing without inside access.

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