Like some of the best things in life, YakGear began with a little innovation and open water. Bill Bragman, an avid fisherman and curious inventor, often tinkered with ways to improve the kayak experience. When he happened across two seemingly simple designs — leashes for paddles and fishing poles — friends took notice, and he knew he was on to something.

Bill refined his idea and, in 2006, made the products available to the public under the name Reel Deels. Word got out and, as the company grew, so did its offerings. In November 2007, with 20 items to its name, YakGear made its official debut as the original ‘yak accessory company.

Jump forward 10 years, and the company — a crew of 16 full-time team members — offers more than 250 quality products. Today’s YakGear might be larger than when it first set out, but the leaders’ beliefs still hold true. At its heart, YakGear believes in living life on the water, and in quality equipment that elevates a good afternoon of fishing to something great. With a wide range of available rigging and accessories — and new products in development all the time — YakGear aims to help paddle sport enthusiasts take to the water on their own terms. Your Yak. Your rules.